What is Hitler’s Big Lie?

30 Jan

So just what is Hitler’s Big Lie and what exactly did Hitler claim?

Adolf Hitler wrote in chapter ten of his autobiography, Mein Kampf [1925], that Jewish Europeans were not real, authentic Europeans since their ancestors were alien Semites who had come to Europe from the Middle East. Hitler condemned Jewish Europeans for pretending to be merely members of a religion because, in Hitler’s mind, they were a distinct and separate ethnicity. That claim is commonly known as “Hitler’s Big Lie”. Quoting from Mein Kampf: “their whole existence is based on one single Big Lie, to wit, they’re a religious community while actually they are a race, a people.”

Hitler’s Big Lie is the cornerstone, the lifeblood and the lynchpin of all Nazi ideology. Hitler’s Big Lie is Nazism’s Big Lie. All else is built upon that singe false contention about Jews. Although there exists no basis in reality whatsoever for Hitler’s claims, in recent years there’s been a revival of those who hail and subscribe to Hitlerism’s core doctrine, principally through the cover of Evangelical and Pentecostal cults.

Hitler’s Big Lie ideology thrives today due primarily to two dovetailing deceptions. First, the trivialization of Hitler’s Big Lie into the calculated construct “Jewish people” moniker, and second, the simultaneous pretension that Hitler’s signature Big Lie is something murky and ambiguous, merely a cliché denoting some universal generality for any “big lie.” The hypothesis “Jewish people” is precisely Hitler’s Big Lie in disguise. Nothing more, nothing less. It is Hitler Lite, if you will. There is no more a Jewish people than a Christian people or a Moslem people. There are simply Jews, Christians and Moslems. And all became Jews, Christians and Moslems respectively, the same old-fashioned way: by conversion. No one insinuates that Christian Europeans are descendants of Christians from the Holy Land. To make that same insinuation about Jewish Europeans is classic, historical anti-Semitism. To summarize, there is not one scintilla, not one scrap, not one shred of evidence supporting Adolf Hitler’s version of history. There was never any migration of Jews from the Middle East to Europe except in Hitler’s deranged mind.

All archeological, genetic, biological, historical, ethnographic and linguistic evidence affirms that Jewish Europeans are Europeans who converted to Judaism, albeit a long, long time ago. But they are still Europeans, ethnically and culturally, and not Middle Easterners. Conversely, all archeological, genealogical, historical, ethnographic and linguistic evidence affirms Middle Eastern Jews living in the Holy Land had converted to Christianity by the sixth century A.D. In fact, so few unconverted Jews remained in the land of Israel (Roman Palestine) by the fifth century A.D. that their head Patriarch himself converted to Christianity. In short, there is absolutely zero evidence to support Adolf Hitler’s Jewish migration theory.


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